Eco-Friendly tips for everyday cleaning

We should all care more about the planet and the environment. Buying less cleaning products can be good for many reasons: less plastic, less production, less money spent… There are green alternatives to a lot of the products we use daily, and these natural options are as effective as chemicals, and gentler to you and your family. We usually use some of them with our clients!


The king of citrus, this majestic yellow fellow can be used to

-Enhance your detergent’s degreasing power adding a few drops.

-Clean your glass shower doors with lemon instead of brushing or scraping the soap scum.

-Clean mirrors and windows mixing lemon juice with water in your spray bottle

Most people don’t know what it really is, and all you need to know right now is this powder can do wonders!

-Eliminate garbage bin odour placing some baking soda on the floor of your bin.

-Brighten your laundry adding a cup of baking soda to the load with the detergent to balance PH

-Get rid of grease and oils, even on your BBQ grill, sprinkling some baking soda to the surface before adding a few drops of our next green option


-Clean your automated coffee machine filling the reservoir with white vinegar and running a brewing cycle.

-Get rid of yucky bathtub film by mixing vinegar with baking soda on the surface.

-Clean your blinds like a pro with some drops. It won’t smell for long, I promise!


I recently shared a video on our instagram explaining how to give a “brand new’’ feel to your kitchen appliances using Oil and Dishwasher luquid. Check it out on our Instagram

We hope you found these tips useful. Did you not know any of them? Let us know!

Until next time.


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In 2003, Becky started her own cleaning business based in western suburbs of Perth. With 20 years’ experience, she understands that cleaning is not just about scrubbing bathrooms and washing floors. Cleaning is more holistic than that, it encompasses routine and time management along with excellent customer service and reliability.