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At Pristine Housekeeping, we don’t just clean but go above and beyond to help you manage your home. 

We understand the importance of time and aim to alleviate your stress by taking care of tasks like ironing, bed making, and linen washing.

Our team handles all your housekeeping needs, including the meticulous demands of end-of-lease cleaning.

We’re here to help you reclaim your time and enjoy a clean, serene living space.

Becky folding towels for a housekeeping client

What Services Do We Offer?

Our Services
  • Ironing services for efficiently handling your ironing needs.
  • Bed making and washing services, ensuring freshly made beds and clean linens.
  • End-of-lease cleaning to assist with cleaning when moving out.
  • Routine housekeeping and regular cleaning services.
  • Specialised pre-sale cleaning for property sales.
  • Oven and BBQ cleaning for kitchen appliances.
  • Extensive cleaning through the Deluxe Clean option.
  • Office cleaning for maintaining clean workspaces.
  • Comprehensive car detailing and cleaning services.
Housekeeper hanging bathmats on the bath

The Difference with Pristine Housekeepers

Pristine Housekeepers’ approach to quality assurance sets it apart in the cleaning industry. Each team member is thoroughly interviewed and receives individual training from Becky, the Head of Housekeeping.

To maintain high standards, regular checks are conducted on the team’s performance. This consistent monitoring ensures the quality of cleaning is upheld throughout the year.

Additionally, clients benefit from having the same team member and the same time slot for each visit, providing a reliable and personal cleaning experience.

This system not only guarantees consistency in service but also fosters a sense of familiarity and trust between clients and their cleaners.

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