Team Pristine

Becky standing in a kitchen

Becky | Founder/Director

“I wasn’t always the tidiest kid growing up, so when I told my parents I was starting a cleaning company they laughed”

In 2003, Becky started her very own cleaning business based in Western Suburbs of Perth. Back then she had limited experience, realising quickly that cleaning is not just about scrubbing bathrooms and washing floors. Cleaning is more holistic than that, it encompasses routine and time management along with excellent customer service and reliability.

Over time, Becky quickly built her clientele through her reputation and regular referrals from existing clients. Becky realised that her clients needed more than just cleaning, therefore the general housekeeping duties of her business developed. Now, the Pristine brand goes that extra mile to make beds, throw a load of washing on, folding and ironing shirts. By the time 2012 came around, Becky grew her business and began to teach and train others, creating a loyal team in Perth and Sydney.

“Your home is your castle and allowing a stranger to come into your castle can be very daunting. I appreciate and understand this, and therefore the Pristine promise includes making you feel safe and comfortable as we get into our work.”