Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of frequently asked questions that we receive about our Perth residential cleaning service. If one of your queries are not listed below, please do not hesitate to email us right away.

Do you clean in my area?

Pristine Housekeepers provides services in Perth’s Western Suburbs. Please send us an email if you feel you are outside this geographical location, we might be able to assist.

Do I need to tidy up before my cleaner arrives?

This is up to you. You are not required to do anything. However, if you have any rubbish to throw away, be sure to take advantage of cleaning day and dispose everything that needs to be disposed of so that we can handle the rest!

Why should I trust your cleaner and Pristine Housekeepers?

All our cleaners perform police checks prior to us employing them. As for our company as a whole, we have the right insurances in place to enhance our credibility and security for our clients.

How many hours will it take to clean my home?

This is determined on the task at hand. We will be sure to be upfront about this during the quotation period.

Who Are Pristine Housekeepers?

Members of the Pristine team are trained professionals. We are looking to the future, always seeking new modern technologies to provide you with a clean environment that is eco-friendly. We are a boutique service, providing the best service for select clientele.

Will we have the same cleaners on the same time and day?

Yes, our team members have fixed schedules with all their regular clients so just like clockwork you will know when to expect them each week. However, due to sickness or holidays, we will advise you and if you would like a relief to step in until your regular cleaner is back.

Do we have a cancellation policy?

We understand that this is unavoidable sometimes. However, there is a minimum of 24 hours’ notice required. Within this time frame, the full amount is forfeited.

Are your cleaners ok with pets?

Absolutely! We love pets just as much as you do. If you can please mention this in the first inquiry to make sure any of our team members have allergies.

Are we insured? 

All members of the Pristine team are covered by Public Liability. Certificates of Currency are available upon request.

How do you maintain premium quality?

Attending your premises fairly frequently will be our Area Manager (AM). The AM will assess the work completed, ensuring that our standard is met. Prior to an assessment, we will notify you of their intent to inspect your premises. However, we generally do not advise our team members when their next assessment is due, and we ask you to please not advise them prior to our arrival.

Do your cleaners have Police Checks?

Yes! All our members have police checks and public liability insurance. A copy of your cleaner’s paperwork can be sent on request.

My carpets have stains, can you help me?

Yes. Our professional carpet cleaners include a deep clean of your carpets that remove stains, smells and even grime.

What products do you use?

We strive to always use eco-friendly, natural, and safe products where possible. We adhere to safety guidelines and are at the forefront for advancements in the industry, even products!


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