Pristine Goes Pink

This past month has been a very busy one for the team at Pristine Housekeepers. We decided that for the month of June, the team would #GoPink! Supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation with all the business’ profits going towards Breast Cancer research while also “wearing it” by swapping the team’s blue uniforms with pink ones in solidarity to the cause, hoping to spark a conversation and motivate donations among customers.

We were very excited to receive the invitation to speak at the Radio Fremantle where we talked about the cause and invited more people to get involved.

Oh, and also took pictures for the Post Newspaper!! Everyone at the team was very happy and spent fun times at the photoshoot. Look at our smily faces!!

Our Team

With breast cancer as one of the leading deaths among women in Australia per year, the profits from both regular and casual housekeeping jobs booked in June were donated to the NBCF, reaching our goal of $5000.

This is a much bigger movement than just our efforts, there have been several other businesses throughout the country that just like us, have contributed with time and effort to make Zero Deaths a reality by 2030.

It has been very gratifying for everyone on the team, and we are still accepting donations and supporting the cause for one more week until 7/11/2020.

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported us alog the way, mainly our clients, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to achieve our goal.

If you or your family need a home clean or any housekeeping chores, you will recieve outstanding service while also helping save lives.

Any questions please reach out to Becky or Yvonne.

Thank you and we will be seeing you in next entries where we will be talking about Cleaning tips and tricks, cleaning secrets, and other interesting topics!!

Best wishes and happy week!

Founder & Director
In 2003, Becky started her own cleaning business based in western suburbs of Perth. With 20 years’ experience, she understands that cleaning is not just about scrubbing bathrooms and washing floors. Cleaning is more holistic than that, it encompasses routine and time management along with excellent customer service and reliability.