7+ tips for clean carpets all year round

Carpets give a home a sense of comfort, warmth and they create a special atmosphere, the thing is it can be hard work to maintain them clean and looking new after all the spills, muddy feet, and paws. . Here are some tips for avoiding damage and keeping pristine carpets for a long time.

1. Select the correct carpet for the room

There are spaces in the house like your bedroom or your office where you can splurge on a fancy multi-layered carpet, but for other high traffic areas like the dining room it might be a more practical idea to consider nylon carpets, which are a lot easier to clean and more durable.

2. Don’t pull any snags

Use scissors to trim the snag instead. If you pull you’ll end up with a huge hole making things even worse. If you have a pet you can avoid further damage by making sure their nails are trimmed at all times.

3. Keep carpets feeling fresh by vacuuming regularly.

Even if it seems unnecessary, your carpets will appreciate it. Every moment of every day dust and small fibers find they’re way into the carpet and it can seriously damage the fabric. By vacuuming every other day you avoid long term damage, and enjoy short term fresh looking spaces. Be careful not to be too harsh, vacuuming every day or several times a day can result in damage and a premature wearing off of colors and textures.

4. remove dents with moisture

If you move a piece of furniture you will notice compressed spots where the weight is prominent. If you want to get rid of them quickly rather than waiting, use moisture and heat by rubbing a damp cloth, and then using a hair dryer for a couple of minutes. the fibers will realign perfectly.

5. treat any stains immediately

It is highly probable that there will be an accidental spill eventually, Blot up the liquid with an absorbing towel as quickly as you can.  don’t      ever      rub      , then apply your stain remover of choice ( I recommend you have it always at hand in case of emergency ) . Repeat the process as many times as it is necessary depending on the stain.

6. steam clean your carpets regularly by a professional

A regular vacuum will mostly do its job maintaining the carpets, but it is also a good idea to hire a cleaning service with industrial machines which will suck up everything with stronger suction and the cleanse will be a lot more thorough and long lasting.

7. Establish a rule: everyone wipes their feet before entering, maybe consider a no shoe policy if this isn’t enough.

Asking your family and guests to remove their shoes or wipe them off thoroughly before entering it’s a great way to avoid damage. This will vary depending on the household.

Extra cleaning hack: For pet or any hair: use a squeegee!

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