20 surprising ways to re-use silica gel packets

Don’t ever throw the silicon gel packets, you know, the ones that come in the box inside a variety of different products like new pairs of shoes, new purses or with vitamin bottles. Have you ever wondered if there’s anything you can do with those little curious packets? you have probably gotten dozens of them over the years, I always had the same question, and after some research I learned that there are actually many ways to put silica gel packets to good use.

1. To Prevent Water from Ruining a Cell Phone

Similar to the way that rice works, it can absorb the water your phone may have been a victim to. Cover your phone in them, seal it away, and wait at least twenty-four hours before powering your phone back on.

2. Absorbing the Gym bags moisture.
After a couple of days of work out it can get pretty ugly with all the damp, sweaty clothing we shove into our Gym bags.bacteria that live on the moisture causes the smell, so if you want to remove the smell, you remove the moisture. Banish Odors by putting the silica packets inside and it will help absorb the humidity, in addition, It is also recommended to open the bag and let the air circulate.

3. Collectables
If you are a proud owner of a collection of stamps or old bank notes, you can use the gel packets to keep the collection in great condition.

4. Keep Pet Food Fresh
It’s a challenge to keep things dry in humid areas, and pet food is no exception. We recommend keeping it in an airtight container with a few silica gel packets

5. Razor Blades
Razor blades don’t tend to last long and that is mainly because of the moisture they are exposed to, which causes them to rust. In order to extend their overall life and use, we recommend locking away your razor blades after using them by dabbing them dry with a few silica gel packets, this will reduce the risk of moisture-inflicted razor blade loss, and lengthen how long they last.

6. Cameras
When traveling to places with different temperatures and humidity levels, your camera might be exposed to condensation that could leave marks across the lens, or affect the camera’s internal mechanisms. By taking out the memory card, battery, and even the lens if possible, place the remaining parts of your camera with silica gel packets, and the condensation will be dried away.

7. Waterproof Cameras
Although underwater cameras are great, condensation can still cause damage to the lens with marks. By keeping silica gel packets at hand, you can suck out all of the additional moisture before it can cause damage.

8.  To remove the musty smell from old books
Place a musty book in a bag with several gel packs for a few days and the smell will be gone!

  9. Priceless Pictures
Don’t take the chance with your cherished memories getting wet and ruined – store a few gel packets wherever you keep your photos, they aren’t at the risk of water damage anymore.

10. Fabric
If you have lots of garments, if you knit or sow, keep everything from becoming moist, and possibly damaged by putting a few silica gel packets mixed into your drawers, or wherever you contain your fabrics.

11. Flowers
To dry and press flowers, store them with silica gel packets and the process will be fast and effective.

12. Vitamins and Medicine Tablets
Silica gel packets are known to be used with pills and medicine, as it helps retain freshness and to prevent mold and deterioration. Make sure to keep them together and they will last as long as they should.

13. Important Documents and Papers
In order to refrain from unfortunate water damage, keep your silica gel packets and your important documents and papers in the same drawer.

14. Makeup
to fight off moisture, silica gel packets can be sealed in with your makeup bag to maintain dryness.

15. Jewelry
Keeping it dry will keep it from tarnishing or deteriorating. Slip a few packets into the bottom of your jewelry box, this will keep them from retaining any additional moisture.

16. Glass
especially windows and windshields, are known to commonly have condensation, especially in the colder temperatures and seasons. To keep this from damaging them, keep a few packets stored in your windowsills or on the dashboard of your vehicle.

17. Luggage
It can be pretty unfortunate when everything you own is inside a carry on, if it rains it gets smelly, damp and gross. Don’t worry, this can be prevented by sticking a few gel packets in with your clothes to retain their freshness throughout the trip.

18. Gardening
If you are into gardening and you want to store seeds for the upcoming harvest, store them in a sealed container with silica gel packets. Even just one or two can go a long way.

19. Pumpkins and Squash
They are commonly known for molding and rotting fast, but this can be prevented by breaking open a silica gel packet and using the beads inside. Push them into the outer layer of the pumpkin or squash and help them to thrive through the winter months.

20. Preserve your Christmas ornaments and holiday decorations with silica beads
Holiday decorations get taken out of their boxes only once a year, so using silica gel packets in your Christmas boxes is a smart idea to keep your decorations and special ornaments in pristine condition.

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