Cleaning yourself Vs Hiring a Cleaner

Cleaning yourself is a very time-consuming chore, and it can be hard sometimes to keep up with life, work-family AND keep your environment organized and clean. This is why many Aussies and people from all over the globe hire cleaning companies, to keep their life balanced and bring back focus to their everyday life.


Hiring a professional cleaner

We recently posted an entry talking about 6 keys for hiring the Cleaning Service of your dreams, where we give you some insight and things to think about before making that decision. Check it out for more info!

Levels of Cleaning

There is everyday cleaning, deep cleaning, spring cleaning, moving in, moving out, and many many others. Select the kind of service you need, and you can even set up a recurrent plan, so all your needs are met, every week.


Benefits of outsourcing

Once you find your perfect cleaning service you will be able to enjoy the perks. Sit back and relax while someone else with experience and skills takes care of this hard work for you. Time is the essence of life, outsourcing means you’re free to choose what you do with it!


Smart investment

If you’re a homeowner, hiring housekeepers will help you protect your home investment. If you’re planning to sell down the road, maintaining your house in a Pristine state will secure your resource, The same goes for furniture, decorations and everything. The difference between short-lasting and long-lasting objects relies on how we treat them, treat your belongings with love, and they will last forever!


Business expense

Do you work from home or run your own business?  We can make your invoice out to your work or business so you can claim it as a business expense


Pros of cleaning yourself

Of course, there are still positive things about cleaning your own place. The first thing is money, of course. Some households have a lower budget and prefer to handle cleaning themselves, completely respectable!

Cleaning yourself also gives you complete control. You decide when, how and for how long, which can be a double-edge sword, as some people may procrastinate resulting in a giant snowball of unfinished responsibilities.

It’s about FEELING

We all love to come home to a clean, disinfected, sparkly, and nice smelling house. It instantly makes us all feel good, happy, and inspired. On the contrary, coming home to a nasty place can leave us feeling really moody and stressed. In the end, it’s about happiness!

Founder & Director
In 2003, Becky started her own cleaning business based in western suburbs of Perth. With 20 years’ experience, she understands that cleaning is not just about scrubbing bathrooms and washing floors. Cleaning is more holistic than that, it encompasses routine and time management along with excellent customer service and reliability.