How to Clean Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds above a hardwood floor

Cleaning vertical blinds is one of those house cleaning jobs that is easy to forget about until one day you notice a bunch of dust build up, stains, or marks on the slats.

If you sweep, vacuum, and do laundry regularly but don’t know how to clean your blinds, I’ve put together this article to help.

My complete guide on how to clean vertical blinds offers simple tips to make your blinds clean and dust-free.

How to Clean Vertical Blinds Without Removing Them

The best way to clean vertical blinds is to take them down and lay them on a flat surface. This makes it possible to easily clean both sides and the rails completely.

However, I understand it can be difficult to find the time to take down blinds to clean them. Here are two options for how to clean vertical blinds without removing them.

First, you can use a microfibre cloth, duster, or dusting gloves to dust the blinds when they are hanging. Aim to do this at least once a week as part of your regular cleaning routine to prevent dust and debris buildup.

You can also use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment designed for dusting. Read on to learn how to clean vertical blinds by vacuuming or dusting.

How to Clean Vertical Blinds with a Duster, Glove, or Microfibre Cloth

Here is what you need to clean vertical blinds:

  • Clean microfibre cloths, dusting gloves, or a duster
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Warm water

How to clean vertical blinds while they are hanging:

  1. Check the care instructions to make sure it is acceptable to clean your blinds with water
  2. Open and extend the blinds
  3. Use your gloves or a microfibre cloth to grab around both sides of a blind slat
  4. Wipe firmly yet gently from top to bottom
  5. Consider starting on the left and working your way to the right to keep track of what slats you have already cleaned
  6. After the slats have been dusted, dip your microfibre cloth in a mix of warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap and ring out the excess water
  7. Wipe down each slat with the damp cloth, again working from top to bottom and left to right, focusing on any stains or sticky areas
  8. Use a clean microfibre cloth to wipe all the slats dry, making sure to wipe both sides

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Clean vertical blinds in a white bedroom with an oak bed frame and mattress

Cleaning Vertical Blinds with a Vacuum

Cleaning vertical blinds is best done with a vacuum that has a soft dusting brush attachment and flexible hoses. This makes it easy to reach all the slats and ensures the brush is gentle enough to avoid damaging the blinds.

For cellular shades, fabric blinds, and real wood blinds, vacuuming is the recommended cleaning method.

Here are the steps on how to clean vertical blinds with a vacuum:

  1. Adjust your vacuum’s suction down to its lowest setting (if your vacuum doesn’t have varied settings, make sure the suction power isn’t going to damage your blinds)
  2. Attach the soft dusting brush to your vacuum
  3. Open and extend your blinds and hold the slats steady and taut as you slowly run the vacuum brush over them
  4. Work from top to bottom
  5. Go over each blind twice to make sure all dust has been picked up
  6. Close the slats and open them in the opposite direction and vacuum over each slat again

Dos & Don’ts of Cleaning Vertical Blinds

Here are a few more tips on cleaning vertical blinds:

  • Make cleaning vertical blinds part of your weekly cleaning routine (no need to deep clean blinds every week, just make sure to give them a quick dusting)
  • Double check the manufacturer’s care instructions before you clean vertical blinds
  • Always vacuum or sweep the room after cleaning vertical blinds to avoid having to vacuum or sweep again after
  • Never rehang blinds until they are completely dry to prevent stretching
  • Always use a dry microfibre cloth to clear away dust before using water to clean vertical blinds
  • Never use water on cellular shades, fabric, or wood blinds
  • When using a microfibre cloth, shake it off outside occasionally to clear away excess dust and prevent dust from getting deposited back on the blinds during cleaning

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Should I Clean Vertical Blinds or Replace Them?

There are several factors that will help you decide whether to clean vertical blinds or replace them. When cared for properly, window blinds should last at least a decade or more, but eventually, they will wear out and need to be replaced.

Consider replacing your vertical blinds if:

  • It is too difficult to open and close your blinds
  • The blind cords and blinds are loose, frying, damaged, or stained
  • The blind slats are broken, warped, or bent
  • The blinds and blind cords are discolored or yellowing
  • Your blinds are ill-fitting
  • Your blinds are stretched out

Can You Clean Vertical Blinds in the Washing Machine?

Cleaning vertical blinds in the washing machine may be possible, depending on their material and the manufacturer’s care instructions.

If the blinds are fabric, you may be able to wash them on the delicate cycle, depending on the manufacturer’s care instructions. Plastic or vinyl vertical blinds need to be hand washed.

Can You Clean Vertical Blinds with Dryer Sheets?

Cleaning vertical blinds with dryer sheets is not ideal. Using dryer sheets to clean vertical blinds can deposit fabric softening residue on the slats, causing the blinds to attract more dust over time.

If you do clean vertical blinds with dryer sheets, make sure they’ve been run through a dryer cycle first. Better yet, stick to a vacuum or microfibre cloth when cleaning vertical blinds.

Can I Clean Vertical Blinds in a Tub?

Yes, you can clean vertical blinds in a tub, depending on the material of the blinds and the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to read the care instructions closely when exposing blinds to water.

Real wood, fabric, and cellular shades should not be cleaned in the tub. Typically, faux wood, vinyl, and metal blinds can be deep cleaned in the tub.

Again, always check the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure. With metal blinds, do not leave them immersed for too long as this can cause staining or make the metal rust.

Here are steps to cleaning vertical blinds in the tub:

  • Protect your tub from scratches by lining it with towels
  • Fill the tub with warm water and a couple of squirts of liquid dish soap and mix until dissolved
  • Extend the blinds and submerge them, keeping the top rail over the side of your tub
  • Only clean one blind at a time
  • Do not soak blinds longer than 20 minutes
  • Use a microfibre cloth dampened with the soapy mixture to gently scrub away any dirt, dust, or stains
  • Rinse the blinds with clean water until all residue and soapy water is rinsed away
  • Use a dry microfibre cloth or towel to dry up as much excess water as possible
  • Let the blinds dry completely before putting them back up

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