What do Professional Window Cleaners Use?

Professional window cleaner cleaning a window and leaving no streaks using the best window cleaning supplies


What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

You may think professional window cleaners have some secret, expensive window cleaning solution.

But the best professional window cleaning solution may surprise you.

Read on to learn how professional window cleaners get streak-free results, the best solution to clean windows, and what to wash windows with.


What Do Professional Window Cleaners Use to Clean Windows?

So what is the secret professional window cleaning solution used by many pro cleaners?

Often, the best solution to clean windows is a simple mix of liquid dish soap and distilled water!

Liquid dish soap, such as Dawn or Palmolive, can provide an effective, deep clean for windows by breaking down grime and build-up with ease. Distilled water is preferred as it won’t leave behind water spots.

Liquid dish soap also ensures your squeegee can easily glide over the glass to remove excess water and eliminate residue.

This affordable window cleaning solution can help you easily achieve a streak-free shine.

Some professional window cleaners may also add a bit of ammonia to the water for additional cleaning power or use a commercial cleaning product.


What to Wash Windows With: The Best Window Cleaning Supplies

Along with the best solution to clean windows, you need the right supplies and proper technique to get streak-free windows.


The Best Window Cleaning Supplies:

My list of the best window cleaning supplies includes:

  • A damp, high-quality sponge (avoid brushes as the stiff bristles may damage the glass)
  • A window squeegee to evenly remove water from the glass and help prevent streaks
  • An extension pole for your squeegee, if needed
  • A large container or bucket filled with your window cleaning solution (make sure the opening is big enough to fit your squeegee)
  • A clean, lint-free microfibre cloth (skip the old t-shirts and rags)


Infographic showing how to clean windows using a sponge, squeegee, and other window cleaning supplies.


How to Clean Your Windows

Once you have the best window cleaning solution and the right supplies, here are the steps to a streak-free shine:

  1. Pre-clean, if needed, using soapy water and a sponge to remove any residue from previous cleaners or especially dirty areas
  2. Use your window cleaning solution or detergent and a sponge to clean the window, making sure to wash in one direction from top to bottom to prevent streaks
  3. Use a squeegee to remove excess water from the window, wiping the squeegee’s edge occasionally using a microfibre cloth to keep it clean (remember to move in one direction with the squeegee)
  4. Buff and dry the window using a microfibre cloth to remove any excess water and leave behind a beautiful shine


The Best Window Cleaning Tips

Here are some of the best window cleaning tips to help you achieve spotless windows without streaks:

  • Wash your window in sections, moving in one direction. If you try to wash the entire glass surface at once, the cleaning solution will start to dry up before you reach the last portion. Moving in several directions can leave streaks.
  • Before you clean your windows, dust off the blinds and clean the area surrounding the window, such as the trim and windowsills, to help your windows stay cleaner for longer.
  • Avoid abrasive window cleaning detergents as they can damage the glass
  • Avoid using too much soap (a solution that is excessively sudsy can leave behind a residue that will attract debris and dust)
  • Use microfibre towels rather than regular towels or old rags that can leave fibres behind on the glass and cause it to look dirty
  • Once you’ve cleaned the window, take a step back and view it from different angles to make sure there are no smudges or streaks




Can You Clean Windows with Vinegar?

Yes, vinegar can be used to clean windows by mixing ten parts of water with one part of vinegar. Because of its acidic nature, vinegar can break down grime and clean windows. However, dish soap is considered more effective as the best solution to clean windows.

Still, vinegar makes an excellent cleaning solution for other areas of the home: 15 Ways to Clean Your Home with Vinegar.


What Is the Best Weather for Cleaning Windows?

Does a hot, sunny day sound like the best time to clean windows? No! Hot, sunny days cause the cleaning solution to evaporate quickly, making it difficult to clean the surface before your solution dries. This can lead to marks and streaks. Instead, opt to clean your windows early in the day, preferably at dawn or early morning.


Can I Use Newspaper to Dry Windows?

No, newspaper is not ideal for cleaning or drying windows. Newspapers contain chemicals that can leave ink smudges behind or even damage your window. Always opt for a microfiber cloth to clean windows.


Do I Need a Scraper to Clean Windows?

No, you do not need a scraper to clean windows. A window scraper is only necessary for stickers, residue, persistent stains, or marks that require a deeper clean.


What Is the Best Homemade Window-Washing Solution?

A small amount of high-quality liquid dish soap combined with distilled water is considered the best solution to clean windows. The suds from the soap let the squeegee glide freely and the mixture effectively breaks down grease and grime. Be sure to avoid using too much soap so you don’t end up with residue.


What Is the Best Way to Clean Outside Windows?

Exterior windows, especially if you have a multiple-story home, can be tricky to clean.

Professional window cleaners often rely on a water-fed pole cleaning system and/or ladders to clean outdoor windows. The water-fed pole system includes extension poles that can easily and safely reach windows that are higher up.


Can I Use Tap Water to Clean Windows?

Distilled water is the preferred choice for cleaning windows. Hard tap water can contain minerals or other particles that can leave build-up or streaks on windows.


Get Streak Free Windows With Pristine Housekeepers

Our professional cleaners at Pristine Housekeepers make it easy to keep your windows clean and streak free.

While you can certainly use the best window cleaning solution to keep your windows streak-free and clean by yourself, our professionals have the experience and supplies to handle it for you.



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